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XAP Markets

Wireless, Medical, Consumer, Security, Industrial, Energy, Utilities, Sensors, Automotive

XAP processors are ideal for low power applications in many markets. XAPs are often used in battery-powered systems where XAP's low power features enable longer battery life or smaller batteries. This frequently reduces the overall product cost considerably.

Security and privacy are increasingly important in many new cloud-to-device systems. The internet of things (IoT) requires high-volume low-cost devices to support advanced symmetric and asymmetric cryptography for secure messages and remote software upgrades. XAP's native instruction set and CLU (Custom Logic Unit) extensions are ideal for providing these long-word functions at low energy.

The latest XAP processors offer advanced computing functionality at the lowest possible cost and energy consumption. They are ideal for applications such as wireless communications (e.g. Bluetooth, ZigBee, GPS, RFID, NFC), medical devices, automotive, consumer, retail, smart energy meters and industrial products. When energy is at a premium, as in battery-powered systems, then a XAP processor is the ideal choice.

We can engineer XAP-based solutions for medical, aerospace or defence applications where high-reliability and specialised implementations are required.