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New concept washing machine


Xeros, the revolutionary polymer-based cleaning company, and Cambridge Consultants have developed the world’s first ‘virtually waterless’ laundry washing machine prototype. By saving up to 90% of water compared to conventional machines, the Xeros process has the potential to reduce the cost of washing whilst also dramatically cutting carbon emissions.


The Xeros approach to cleaning clothes is fundamentally different from conventional washing machines. The majority of the water is replaced with reusable nylon polymer beads. Whilst the technology had been proven in a laboratory environment, various hurdles still needed to be addressed in order to commercialise the technology.

The Cambridge Consultants team was asked to prove the efficacy of the cleaning technology once scaled to a commercial product, and then to work out how the beads could be effectively removed from the damp clothes at the end of each cycle.


In only six months, the Cambridge Consultants team was able to successfully demonstrate both principles in action, and developed an initial demonstrator. Whilst still at a relatively early stage, this work has shown that it is possible to develop a commercially viable washing machine that is capable of delivering all the benefits that Xeros expects from its revolutionary technology.

With pressure building globally for consumers to cut down both on water usage and greenhouse emissions, the time is right for a new range of devices that help us all reduce the environmental impact of washing without compromising the cleaning results.