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GPS bank card

The world's thinnest GPS receiver


Our client approached us asking, ‘Can you create a GPS-enabled bank card?’. In addition to the challenge of fitting the electronics into such a low profile, we also needed to identify a suitable battery technology for use within the card with adequate battery life, as well as a simple user interface to the product.


To respond to this challenge we developed a novel packaging method. This involved a range of theoretical and practical studies to identify available technology that could be encased in a structure that would be strong enough to withstand the rigours of a wallet and cash machines.

Using technologies such as GPS, a MEMS magnetic compass, an ultra-low-power microprocessor, ultra-thin multi-layer PCB and rechargeable battery, we bound these entities together in a package that could be demonstrated to our client.

The ability to think ‘left field’ and to move past the conventional approach, rather than being bound to it, was fundamental to the success of the project.


Our solution enabled a revolutionary new business model for our client, which had excellent synergy with existing offerings that it provided. Our innovative technology thinking resulted in a highly exciting and entirely new class of product that supported this business opportunity.