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Mixing up spraying


Cambridge Consultants’ Vortik technology platform provides an innovative approach to spraying liquids. The Vortik technology allows different liquids to be mixed at the nozzle and gives enhanced control of the spray characteristics – opening up the possibility of new applications in agriculture, healthcare, industrial and consumer product development.


Conventional sprays or atomisers use either high-pressure liquid or high air flow to create a spray. This new fluid technology combines low-pressure air and liquid in a specially shaped cyclone chamber. Shear between swirling air and liquids creates the desired droplet size for spraying.

As the spray is created by the controlled combination of air and liquid, rather than by the interaction of liquid and a fixed spray nozzle, dynamic adjustment of particle size and mixing can be achieved.


Vortik allows tight control of droplet size across a wide range of flow rates, allowing for greater flexibility than a conventional spray nozzle. In the personal care industry, this control over the spray means fewer respirable particles and enhanced control over shades and colour. In agriculture, farmers can control the size of spray droplets to reduce drift and contamination depending on weather, vehicle speed or crop types.

Mixing at the point of delivery allows different innovative products to be formulated – product stability becomes less of an issue as the formulation constituents are kept separate until the final fraction of a second before dispense.

Spraying systems using the Vortik technology will be almost immune to blockage as the nozzle orifice is very much larger than the droplets to be produced. This enables the use of ’difficult’ liquids including colloidal suspensions, or liquids that rapidly form aggregations.