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The art and science of wine


Wine is a complex beverage – the type and blend of grapes, the geography, vintage, body and fruitiness all contribute to the flavour.

In restaurants and supermarkets, consumers are presented with a vast array of options but have limited information to make an informed decision. This complexity can be bewildering – so many people stick to just a few wines that they know.

We wanted to make it simpler for people to explore the choices on offer – to open up this wonderful world of flavours.


At the heart of Vinfusion is the centuries-old art of blending wines.

One of the challenges is understanding the complex relationship between the taste and the proportions of the blended wines. We ran surveys and taste tests to see how consumers perceived and described the flavours.

We analysed the chemical make-up of the wines and looked at what imparted the most distinctive characteristics, and selected four base wines from which the system can deliver hundreds of flavours on demand.


Vinfusion makes exploring wine flavours entertaining. Using an app, the customer personalises their wine using simple terms like full-bodied or light, dry or sweet.

The resulting wine is blended and dispensed with a flourish of theatre and some personalised recommendations, such as: “If you like this blend, you should try a Rioja.”

Vinfusion is an example of how we use science-led innovation to help broaden customers' horizons by creating a unique – and fun – customer experience.