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Vena platform

A connected patient experience


Healthcare is a complex ecosystem centered around the patient, his condition and his treatment. Stakeholders, ranging from caregivers, doctors and pharmacists, all the way to medical device companies, insurers and policy makers, have mostly a partial view of the effects of treatment because the system is an open loop: There is no direct feedback from the patient.


The idea is to create a tailored patient experience that closes the loop of the healthcare ecosystem by taking advantage of seamless data transfer using wireless technologies. The key to adoption is recognizing that patients are people. To ensure seamless integration into patients’ lives we took a user-centered approach to translating existing consumer technology, tastes and behavior into a comprehensive patient experience.

The Vena™ wireless healthcare device platform, embeds the Bluetooth™ Health Device Profile (HDP) optimized for the secure transport of medical data, onto a single chip at an affordable price. It is designed to comply with version 2 of the Continua Health Alliance standards for medication monitoring.


With this platform, connected devices like inhalers, injection pens, pill dispensers or diagnostic devices can be used to remind the patient to take their treatment and automatically send, through a laptop or a cell phone, compliance data to the relevant caregiver, healthcare portal, as well as enable targeted health incentive programs.

This simple patient connectivity can enable proactive disease management by patients and their caregivers and promote better medication adherence. Closing the loop between a patient and their healthcare provider facilitates increased compliance, which enables better therapy results, and can ultimately reduce long-term treatment costs while improving patients’ lives.