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Vena Minder

Disease and wellness management


The increasing interest in connected health from every player in the healthcare field is testimony to the importance of adherence and the value of real-time feedback and monitoring.

Nevertheless, as more and more companies develop devices and diagnostic tools that 'talk' freely, there seems to be very few endeavors dedicated to systems that 'listen'. Until now.


Based on Cambridge Consultants’ Vena platform, the Minder is a low-cost gateway concept with a customisable interface for disease and wellness management. It can provide reminders for medication, diagnostic monitoring, exercise routines, etc. and synch up with a back end.

The Minder communicates with any Bluetooth-enabled Continua-certified device and pushes data to backend via cellular networks.

Pulling information directly from patients’ online medical records, a user-centered dashboard interface was also designed for data review and disease management to accompany the Minder. A simple scheduler also provides the ability to programme daily activities.


Customisable for different target populations – whether it is individuals with chronic diseases, seniors living independently or those trying to fight obesity -- the Vena platform can support various device sizes, types, and overall services.

Increasing the accuracy and frequency of patient data reporting, the Minder demonstrates a new simple technology solution that can serve as a powerful and engaging tool for health management and can lower the cost of healthcare by improving the quality of patient care.