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Talk 2 and Play 2

Engineering a competitive edge


Armour Automotive is a leader in the supply of audio and video solutions for the in-car entertainment and communications market. For its latest generation of aftermarket Bluetooth car kits, it wanted to bring superior functionality and audio quality to the market at a highly competitive price-point. The Talk 2 and Play 2 connect to Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, MP3 devices and SatNavs for conducting phone calls and playing music, and are the only devices of their kind available to offer simultaneous connection of two devices without losing functionality on either device.


The Talk 2 and Play 2 family is designed for professional retro-fit and offers almost instantaneous synchronisation on start-up, enabling users to make calls or play music significantly sooner after connection than other devices on the market. The music databases of iPods and iPhones can be browsed through the car kit interface on the dashboard to make controls easier and safer for drivers, and a novel user interface ensures that music can be found in only a few clicks even when the database contains many thousands of tracks.


The products are based on Cambridge Consultants’ connected product development experience including our own own XAP processor core, and use CSR’s BlueCore5 with built-in digital signal processing. Using its extensive Bluetooth expertise and its software and hardware engineering skills, Cambridge Consultants was able to deliver all the functionality through a single Bluetooth chip, thereby removing the need for a costly applications processor. Through these cost savings, Armour was able to invest in higher quality sound and additional features and functionality whilst still competing on cost in an already established market.