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Eco-friendly vacuum cleaner


How do you reduce the eco-impact of a vacuum cleaner without reducing overall performance? How do people actually use their current vacuum cleaners? What might a new generation of vacuum cleaners look like? These were some of the questions Cambridge Consultants faced when designing Stem, a new generation, eco-friendly vacuum cleaner.


Using our 'Ecovation' process, Cambridge Consultants developed a thorough understanding of both product and user to identify potential areas to reduce eco-impact.

Human factors studies were conducted, observing users in their own homes to gain a better understanding of how vacuum cleaners are used.

The connection between user and product was investigated and new visual languages were explored to showcase the vacuum’s eco-values.

Power consumption was found to be by far the biggest factor in a vacuum’s eco-impact.



By varying power usage depending on whether floor head or hose attachment is being used, and reducing power usage when no cleaning is being done, Stem delivers a 27% reduction in overall environmental impact.

Through the use of sustainable materials which wear sympathetically with time, a unique and exciting visual style was created. Stem uses plywood as the structural element to which easily replaceable components are mounted.

Stem is more like a piece of furniture than a vacuum cleaner.

By strengthening the bond between user and product, a product’s use can become more fulfilling, enabling its lifespan to be lengthened.