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Single-use injection

Drug delivery system


Cambridge Consultants worked with our pharmaceutical company client and their device manufacturing partner to customize an existing injection drug delivery platform to deliver a new diabetes therapy. The existing platform technology needed to be modified to accommodate both reconstitution and injection of the new drug product while still providing a simple user experience and consistent dosing.


To ensure a complete and consistent patient experience, this new drug delivery platform was designed as an integral part of an overall system which included not just the device itself but also the secondary packaging, instructions, and demonstration and training materials. As part of the device development Cambridge Consultants integrated substantial human factors and industrial design work alongside the detailed engineering to account for user handling issues with the existing device platform and to address brand styling preferences.

Applying the findings from multiple rounds of user research throughout the device development, we then developed the packaging, training and demonstration materials to propagate the patient experience across all elements of the therapy.


Several rounds of user studies demonstrated continuously improved consistency of patient handling and overall reduction of use errors with the updated device over the original off-the-shelf platform. This improved patient handling of the device leads to increased dosing efficacy which in turn enables better control of the patient’s condition and improved health outcomes. Including the design of the peripheral materials as part of the overall development program – instead of waiting until the very end - allowed us to flow a consistent brand and patient experience throughout all of the elements, providing a better experience for the user and an enhanced image for the client.