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SELEX Galileo

Vector scoring system


SELEX Galileo is contracted to the French Délégation Générale pour l’Armament (DGA) to supply Mirach 100/5 target drones for its test ranges on the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean Sea. The DGA has been using Cambridge Consultant’s ARMS-300 vector scoring on its older C22 target drones for over 10 years and wanted to add this capability to its new drones.


We extended the DGA’s vector-scoring capability by defining an updated system configuration that was compatible with the new Mirach 100/5 drones and backwards-compatible with the existing C22 fleet. To achieve this we:

  • Modified two existing airborne sets for a new frequency plan
  • Replaced ageing ground station equipment with all-new equipment
  • Upgraded existing test support equipment to replace older components and add functionality for the new target drone
  • Conducted accuracy testing at the Biscarrosse range
  • Assisted with flight testing of the new drone configuration

Throughout this programme we worked closely with SELEX Galileo to achieve a common goal of a fully qualified new target configuration.


The work has extended the aerial target capability of the DGA to provide vector scoring on its latest-generation target drones. It is confident that the new vector-scoring configuration is fully qualified for use through rigorous accuracy and flight testing and that missile programmes will benefit from much better data from high-cost firing trials.

 ARMS-300 vector scoring system

SELEX Galileo has a new variant of its flagship Mirach 100/5 target drone that it can offer for trials in France and reinforced its position as a leading supplier of target drone systems.