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Screening automation

Monoclonal antibody screening


A major biotechnology company wanted to streamline its antibody screening capabilities, and make the process of generating promising leads faster, more automated – and hassle free for its scientists.

The client knew that our understanding of automation technologies and screening processes could complement its drug discovery knowledge – and result in a system that perfectly fitted its needs.


Transforming a highly technical manual and labour-intensive process into the first ever fully automated one was a challenge we could not say no to.

From day one we had our experts spending time with the client’s team to define the processes of interest and understand the operational environment. We then scouted the market to find what solutions were available that could help us build our automation framework.

Rather than design and build a novel fully integrated system that would take years, we identified off-the-self building blocks, integrated the components, made it bulletproof and had it up and running faster.


Our first-of-its-kind, automated and high-throughput system was put to use immediately and removed a key bottleneck.

A few years after completion of the project, we were not surprised to hear that our client’s pipeline was steadily growing with promising prospects.