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Roche Diabetes Care



Having successfully completed a visioning programme for Roche Diabetes Care 10 years previously, we were asked to repeat the project, this time looking out to 2020. The same approach was requested, with some adaptations to reflect the changing times.


Cambridge Consultants’ visioning approach accepts that we cannot accurately predict what the future brings, so we create three alternative scenarios which have a high probability of highlighting the market and economic issues that may be pertinent in 10 years' time.

The challenge for our clients’ staff is to temporarily let go of today’s mantras for success, and suspend disbelief for long enough to create futuristic product concepts. Our process enables this by making the imaginary seem real.

Visionary market environments are brought to life by bombarding participants with deceptively real newspapers, podcasts and video clips - all describing the future as happening today. The benefits of high-impact technologies are translated and portrayed by technologists whose daily task is developing the truly new.


For Roche Diabetes Care we created a portfolio of diverse business concepts using radically different futuristic scenarios informed by global opinion leaders. The project resulted in strong propositions for immediate deeper investigation to help drive the future direction of the company.

Cambridge Consultants has recently created a simulated newspaper for the year 2020, 'The Futuristic Times', based on our own insights from working on a daily basis at the forefront of innovation, to show a wider audience how we see technology evolving and, more importantly, what impact these technologies could have.