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New product introduction


We helped Punkt, a Swiss consumer electronics start-up to bring its elegant DP 01 phone to market. Designed by leading industrial designer Jasper Morrison, the DP 01 is a DECT phone re-invented for simplicity and intuitive functionality.

The Punkt DP 01 is designed to do what a phone is supposed to do - make calls. Punkt’s philosophy for the DP 01 was to create a beautifully designed, easy-to-use home phone without all the ‘confusing’ and advanced functions.


Using its considerable expertise in helping start-ups with new product introduction, Cambridge Consultants helped Punkt to select their manufacturing partner, and provided technical and engineering support through the product development and transfer to manufacture process.


With a small team, devoted to designing simple and intuitive products, Punkt did not have the time or the desire to hire in an R&D team. Instead, it was able to tap into Cambridge Consultants' range of technical experts as and when it needed them. As a result, its beautiful and intuitive product reached the market in super-fast time. Raffarella Cardarelli, CEO of Punkt, said: “Design defines what Punkt stands for, which is articulating the functionality and simplicity of our products through the expression of form and materials. Finding a technology partner that understood this was critical to us, and the team at Cambridge Consultants embraced our approach while helping to make our new DECT phone a reality. Their technical expertise was vital in quickly bringing the DP 01, our first product, to market.”