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Prism 200

Through Wall Radar


Cambridge Consultants’ extensive experience and IP in short-range radar has been employed in automotive, wind farm and missile scoring systems over the last 25 years. This technology has been used to produce a hand-held through-wall radar for law enforcement, special forces and emergency services which provides accurate covert intelligence of the location and movement of people in situations where it would otherwise be impossible to gain such insight.


We produced a sophisticated through-wall radar system by focusing on the strengths of the technology and collecting feedback from prospective end users throughout the development process. To achieve this we:

  • Provided advanced signal processing to filter out spurious data, enabling users to focus on the most important information
  • Responded to the need for a rugged, durable, sealed case with ergonomic features including one-handed operation
  • Ensured users could get clear indications of critical data from bespoke operating software

We compiled a range of accessories, such as tripods and an external laptop application, to complement and extend the functionality of the system in specific missions.


The end result is a powerful, versatile system which is rugged, straightforward to use and provides advanced features in a man-portable package. A simple and intuitive interface, with four main buttons to control menu functions and switching between several 2D and 3D views, along with day and night modes, means operators can rely on Prism 200 to deliver critical intelligence. The lightweight but rugged, waterproof package means the system can be rapidly deployed in any environment, and the option for communication with a laptop application allows long-term remote monitoring for enhanced operational flexibility.