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LTE reference extension


Picochip (now Mindspeed Technologies and the market leader in small-cell baseband solutions) was in the middle of its LTE reference design implementation. It had an urgent need for assistance to develop extensions to their PC960x LTE development platform. The performance of these extensions was critical to the success of its wider offering as perceived by its customers.



Having analysed the problem, we spent some time exploring some novel design options that offered solutions to the problem faced. We also spent some time understanding how these options would fit within the overall solution and what performance they would deliver.

We then devised a very aggressive programme whereby we could work on the hardware (changes within an FPGA) and DSP software in parallel, and devised a test programme that would ensure the quality of what we were delivering. Our experience of using Picochip’s array processors on a wide variety of projects meant that we were able to foresee issues, and design mitigation into the programme, such that we could deliver with a very high-quality into the main LTE development programme.


Picochip’s Director of Product Management said, “For this collaboration we knew that, with a broadband wireless technology as demanding as LTE, and with very high market expectation, we required a partner that we could truly rely on. We had full confidence that Cambridge Consultants could deliver exactly what we needed, when we needed it, to expand the capabilities of our LTE offering in what were very demanding timescales. Their ability to work closely with us and their approach to development ensured that we got the quality that our customers expect.”