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Lateral flow POC diagnostic


Cambridge Consultants optimised the design of the lateral flow strip contained inside the Immunocap Rapid allergy test from Phadia AB, Sweden. We performed a cost reduction on the strip design and redesign of the caseworks of the cartridge. For manufacture, we developed a reel-to-reel production line for the lateral flow strip, involving reagent dry-down, adhesive-backed component assembly and cartridge assembly.


There were three areas of development we tackled with Phadia on the redesign of the Immunocap Rapid:

  • Cost-reduction and optimisation of the lateral flow strip
  • Optimisation and design-for-manufacture of the plastic casing of the Immunocap Rapid
  • Development of the reel-to-reel production line for the new design

Our project team reviewed each component of the lateral flow strip, and rebuilt the design from the ground up, testing alternative materials in the laboratory to increase performance and lower cost. The plastic casing was redesigned to improve fluid flow and simplify assembly. The production line was created from scratch to ramp up to commercial volume capability, using reel-to-reel material supplies.


Phadia was able to realise a cost reduction for the lateral flow strip and plastic casing of the cartridge, while maintaining a rapid development cycle. The Phadia resources were able to continue in-house developments and achieve milestones, due to freeing up manpower by outsourcing to Cambridge Consultants. The production line was developed to meet factory capabilities and achieve the high-volume capacity required for commercial success.