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Proctor & Gamble

Concept innovation


Proctor and Gamble asked us to explore across a range of diverse markets for a new application to exploit an existing electrostatic spray technology. Our technical skills in this area are equally applicable to other innovative fluid dispensing systems. To meet Proctor and Gamble’s need for new business innovation, we proposed the use of our Structured Idea Management (SIM) process.


The SIM process helps create the senior management commitment necessary for radical innovation. We achieve buy-in from all stakeholders in the value chain by acknowledging their needs (even if they are in apparent conflict with each other) and translating them into project-specific criteria which underpin the innovation process.

In addition, our SIM process recognises that innovative ideas begin life as indistinct fragments of recognisable concepts.  These valuable ideas have to be nurtured and, by facilitating the right discussions with the right people, at the right time, they are evolved into concepts that are believed in across the organisation.


Working with Procter & Gamble, we developed an electrostatic cosmetic application spray capable of exceptional results. This formed the key part in the development of the SK-II brand, a cosmetic business that is today worth more than $400 million globally in sales.


SK-II, the luxury Japanese skincare line launched in the United States was awarded the title of "Best Makeup Face Product" (over $18) at the annual Cosmetic Executive Women beauty awards on May 2nd, 2007. The product, designed to deliver even, flawless coverage has generated much industry buzz, and even a wait list, since its launch.