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Disruptive innovation – delivered fast


The ageing population and the rising incidence of eye disorders arising from diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases are driving demand for ophthalmology devices. Competitive pressures mean innovation is key to securing – and maintaining – market share.

Our in-depth technical expertise – coupled with our breadth of operation across medical and consumer technologies – means we can deliver disruptive innovation for clients, quickly and at low risk. These are just some of the areas where we can help:

  • advanced imaging and optics technologies, such as confocal microscopy and optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • low-cost devices to deliver innovation in emerging markets
  • novel metrology for improved surgical outcomes in cataract surgery
  • adaptive and customised optical tools to aid surgical procedures
  • applying retinal imaging or measuring biomarkers to detect and monitor diseases
  • providing quality assurance and optimising manufacturing processes


Our development teams offer best-in-class capabilities, allowing us to develop unique solutions for clients' breakthrough next-generation ophthalmology devices. These include:

  • a world-class optics technology team with specific expertise in visual optics, retinal imaging, optical design, interferometry and OCT, polarisation, optomechanics and optoelectronics
  • novel ASIC development capabilities, electronics assembly facilities and a line of custom processors optimised for implants and other medical applications, coupled with wireless technology experts for connected devices
  • a proven track record in key enabling disciplines such as surgical and diagnostic tool development, advanced implants, safety-critical software, and image & signal processing
  • extensive experience in the design and development of medical devices, along with a systems engineering approach
  • a dedicated team of medical device human factors engineers working alongside software, electronics and service development teams
  • front-end innovation, clinical need discovery and commercial consulting teams to identify compelling opportunities and translate them into services and business models


Clients work with us when they are looking to push the boundaries. Our technical teams, multidisciplinary approach and ability to develop complex products quickly mean we can help you to deliver game-changing new products fast, with the lowest risk and the greatest competitive advantage.