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Cambridge Consultants has collaborated with the leading pharmaceutical company Novartis on the design of the Podhaler™ device – an inhaler that uses a dry powder form of antibiotic to treat lung infections.


Core skills in mechanical design and human factors engineering as well as industrial design were brought to bear by the dedicated Drug Delivery team of Cambridge Consultants. Applying many years of experience in the development of drug delivery devices, the team created a design to meet rigorous requirements as well as a product with the user in mind.


Inhaled use of antibiotics is the traditional method of treating the Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection, using a nebuliser to target the lungs where the drugs are needed. The Podhaler device is a portable capsule based dry powder inhaler, which is mechanical and does not require a power source.

Designed to have low airflow resistance to allow patients to generate high air flow rates, it does not need extensive cleaning and disinfection, unlike traditional nebulisers.

The inhaler was a winner in the prestigious 2012 Medical Design Excellence Awards.

novartis podhaler