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Connected Breezhaler


Novartis wanted a way of helping patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) adhere to their treatment regimes. It asked us to develop a connected version of the Breezhaler inhaler to evaluate in clinical studies.


Working closely with Novartis as an extended part of the team, we designed a novel sensing and communication solution for the inhaler.

The sensing algorithm recognises distinct ‘inhalation sound signatures’ which detects when the device is used. That information is then transmitted wirelessly to a local device for data analysis. If a patient misses a dose, a reminder can be sent automatically. The solution has low memory requirements, low power usage and a long shelf life.

We brought together an unrivalled multidisciplinary team of wireless systems developers; mechanical, electronics and software engineers; industrial designers; and human factors engineers to take the initial concept through to a verified device ready for use in clinical trials.


The result is a truly smart inhaler – a taste of the future of drug delivery device development.

Alongside the device development, we helped the Novartis regulatory experts in the approach to a regulatory submission of a connected medical device. And we explored the framework of a wider digital services environment for this and other medical connected devices.

In this rapidly growing area of digital healthcare, our experts at Cambridge Consultants have again demonstrated the unique capabilities we have, under one roof, to realise groundbreaking products. We can develop both the hardware and the infrastructure of connected medical devices, which have the potential to revolutionise the way healthcare providers and patients themselves manage medical care.