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Next-generation systems


Cambridge Consultants enables clients to deliver next-generation neuromodulation systems including:

  • Advanced neuromodulation device development delivering small-scale, low-power systems that put control in the hands of the patient and physician
  • Smart implant design, including integration of wireless communications and power delivery to active implants
  • Development of novel patient and physican interfaces enabling data capture and dissemination throughout the patient care ecosystem

The potential for neuromodulation systems to revolutionise therapy for a wide range of conditions is huge. However, as potential new indications emerge and mature, so devices need to evolve to meet the needs of each case. While, historically, implanted neuromodulators have been ‘pace and forget’ type devices, new applications like migraines, obesity and TBI require a different level of patient and carer interaction. While this is a real challenge for our clients, the competitive intensity of the industry demands that they continue to evolve quickly.

Our technical breadth, depth of experience and highly proven ISO13485 and medical software development systems allow us to develop these radical new products on behalf of our clients quickly and at low risk.


Our development teams offer best-in-class capabilities, allowing us to uniquely enable development of our clients' breakthrough, next-generation neuromodulation systems:

  • A world-leading wireless technology team with specific expertise in through-tissue communications, wireless power and implantable antennas allows us to ‘connect’ devices in the body to those beyond
  • Our low-power electronics specialists are supported by novel ASIC development capabilities, electronics assembly facilities and a line of custom processors optimised for implanted and other medical applications
  • A proven track record in key enabling disciplines such as safety critical software development, MRI compatibility and algorithm design allows us to have confidence in developing Class III devices
  • Extensive experience in the design and development of surgical tools, along with a systems engineering approach, allows us to unite the challenges of implant design with novel delivery devices to enable rapid, simple and optimised implant procedures
  • A dedicated team of medical device human factors engineers works alongside our software, electronics and service development teams to realise not just your implant and associated systems but the service and business models that surround them
  • Our front-end innovation, clinical need discovery and commercial consulting teams can identify compelling opportunities and translate them into services and business models that deliver value for all stakeholders


Our clients work with us when they are looking to push the boundaries. Our technical teams, multidisciplinary approach and ability to develop complex products quickly allow you to deliver game-changing new products quickly, at lowest risk and greatest competitive advantage.