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Activity monitor


We developed a wrist-worn personal activity monitor (PAM) for MiLife – a spin-out of Unilever – back in 2007/8 . The monitor was designed to be worn continuously, collecting and storing data about the user’s movements 24/7. The data is passed over Bluetooth to the back-end service in the cloud. There it is processed by algorithms which feed back coaching advice to the user through a web interface.


MiLife approached us to design and develop a product based on its knowledge of the patterns generated by 3D accelerometers worn on the wrist during specific activities such as walking, running and swimming. We undertook a phased development programme, starting with a proof-of-principle prototype and moving through to new product introduction. Design work covered the electronics, wireless implementation, algorithm optimisation, software and mechanics. We identified the European manufacturing partner and transferred the design into production.


MiLife hired Cambridge Consultants as its outsourced design and development department, allowing it to focus on its core business whilst bringing the product to market in ultra-quick time. This allowed its new service to become the world’s first personalised online coaching system.


"The MiBand activity monitor was an essential component in the creation of our business," said MiLife coaching director Ogi Bataveljic. "Cambridge Consultants’ ability to translate the monitor from concept to a volume manufacturable product was crucial for us. We are delighted with the final product."