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The world's smartest iron


Laurastar wished to celebrate its 25th anniversary by creating an ‘intuitive’ iron. Our challenge was to rapidly design a motion sensing system that automatically applied steam from a separate boiler during the forward sweep and then instantaneously switched the steam off for the backward sweep. In addition, the cooling fan in the ironing board needed to actuate only when the iron was in use.


Smart appliances perform better and use resources more efficiently. The challenge is often to deliver the best features by developing the optimal solution, protecting it, and implementing it in a form that can be mass produced at the right cost.

Our multi-disciplinary team successfully integrated the resulting sensors and electronics into the system, meeting demanding requirements for industrial design and backward compatibility. Also, control signals generated between iron and board for the new automatic features were transmitted down the existing mains cable to avoid the iron’s lead becoming any stiffer. The resulting design cuts ironing times by 50%.


Working with Laurastar, we helped create the world's smartest iron by developing a new automatic steam feature. This smart steam feature removes creases and sets the fabric in a single ergonomic action, dramatically reducing the time required to complete the task.

Within 18 months the novel system was designed, patented and then successfully transferred to production with the full support of our engineering team. Perfect timing for Laurastar ’s celebrations.

The top-of-the-range intuitive feature was offered on just two irons in the Laurastar range. These together are now responsible for half of all sales.