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Innovation facilitation

Automation in exploration


Globally dispersed organisations often find it challenging to bring their experts and thought leaders together for sufficient time to assess the real impact new technologies can have on their business.

Our client, a major exploration company, wanted to develop a common automation vision for its business. It asked us to bring together external experts and internal stakeholders from across its business to explore what automation could bring to oil and gas exploration.


Working with our client, we prepared an engaging three-day programme, mixing presentations with interactive sessions to discuss different needs and ideas for automation in oil exploration.

Beginning by focusing on sharing information, with different presentations based around 'voices' from different perspectives, we then undertook a concept generation workshop using structured brainstorming to cluster and develop ideas into six future automation concepts. These were then positioned on an outline technology roadmap so there was a clear route forward that participants committed to.

Finally, we summarised key discussions and concepts into an outline automation strategy document that the client used to develop a long-term plan for automation.


By bringing together a disparate group of stakeholders to share their experiences and concerns on automation in oil exploration, participants were exposed to a number of new and different perspectives which helped them to build common concepts for future investigation. Six concepts for automation were created and formed the first step in the development of a long-term plan for automation.