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Brand protection and authentication


Working with Ingenia Technology, we developed a high-speed laser scanner for use in brand protection, product authentication and 'track and trace' applications.

Ingenia had established the Laser Surface Authentication (LSA) technology but recognised that, for continued business expansion, a high-speed and sensitive scanner was needed.


In a 12-month project, we worked together to develop the next generation of the innovative LSA technology.

The project brought together technical experts in the fields of precision optics, ultra-low-noise electronic design and thermal management – as well as our experience of developing reliable sensing and instrumentation techniques for difficult industrial environments.

The laser scanner is typically fitted above a production line and records a unique fingerprint based on the particular surface micro-structure of each item it sees. It can operate on very fast production lines, which move at up to 10 metres per second and carry up to 50 items per second.


The ability to verify the authenticity of a product – whether electronic components used in medical devices, mechanical sub-assemblies in aircraft, secure documents or medicines – is essential in industries where traceability, safety and reliability are paramount. Brand protection, product authentication and 'track and trace' applications benefit greatly from innovative product development.

The data captured and processed every second by the highly sensitive LSA scanner is equivalent to playing about 140 CDs simultaneously.

"The scanner developed by Cambridge Consultants will be the catalyst for a new generation of LSA technology and allows us to bring LSA to many new markets and applications," said Andrew Gilbert, Business Development Director of Ingenia Technology.