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Hilti Solar

Technology roadmapping


Hilti Solar wanted to maintain its market-leading position as a supplier of photovoltaic panel mounting solutions for residential, commercial and utility use. In a cost-sensitive environment, it was vital to have a plan for efficient and effective R&D projects.

Cambridge Consultants has worked with Hilti to develop a realistic, achievable roadmap for innovative technology development.


We designed and led a workshop-based approach to obtain senior management priorities, analyse customer needs, conduct creative concept generation sessions and evaluate a range of potential technology applications to span the market.

We mapped the full spectrum of customer needs and identified where generated concepts would meet these needs, providing a full picture of how development could fulfil customer requirements.

Risks, timelines and resource requirements were evaluated for each technology project and distributed appropriately throughout the roadmap, creating a coherent, credible plan that encouraged innovation to reach company goals.


Senior management buy-in was high due to involvement throughout the process. Priorities were clearly established prior to work on the roadmap and this allowed a smooth transition into company planning.

A structured plan for development was established and resulted in broad agreement of what manning and financial resources would be required to accomplish it. Having mapped the generated concepts against the full spectrum of customer needs, stakeholders could be confident that a balanced development portfolio was being planned.