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Enterprise UMTS



Our client wished to develop cutting-edge enterprise-grade femtocell base stations. As a start-up it was unable to scale an algorithms team anywhere near quickly enough to meet a market window so it asked us to develop UMTS (3G) DSP technology which far outstripped the performance of any available designs, but would meet its aggressive timescales.


We need to achieve far greater 3G performance from our client’s chosen silicon platform than it was designed for, yet with low development risk. We therefore looked at the fundamental mathematical operations required to handle 3G radio signals and how these could be safely squashed into the silicon.

We used our innovative SDR Framework™ development process to flesh out a highly unusual architecture and then implement with a team working on up to 10 parts in parallel at once.


We achieved quadruple the number of users per base station that anyone else had achieved on the chosen processing platform (including the manufacturer of the platform). Our precisely-designed and rigorously tested PHY software took only a few days to integrate against a third party stack, allowing an all-important ‘first call’ demonstration to our client’s investors. Our novel algorithmic approaches yielded multiple patents for our client.