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Drug delivery device development

A world-class approach


Our clients approach us with a wide variety of development challenges:

  • best-in-class auto-injector development
  • a performance-breaking dry-powder inhaler development
  • an innovative, novel nebuliser
  • world class injection device development

Seeking to enter new markets or deliver new drugs, our clients require devices that meet strict performance requirements in highly regulated markets. Despite the timescales of clinical trials and approvals, our clients insist on rapid development of the inhaler, injection or auto-injector devices we design as well as ensuring quality to standards such as ISO13485 and 21 CFR 820. We also take responsibility for design for manufacture and transfer our design into commercial manufacturers all over the world.


For every drug delivery device development, multi-disciplinary teams combining human factors engineering, industrial design, mechanical, electrical and software engineering, analytical sciences and industrialisation expertise are built. Our in-house capabilities are supported by state-of-the-art design tools, a suite of fully equipped laboratories, and mechanical and electrical prototyping facilities capable of clinical builds.

Our auto-injector, inhaler or injection device development programmes extend from concept creation through to industrialisation following a 'quality by design' approach and full compliance with international regulatory standards.


Our drug delivery device developments have been successfully launched on international markets and have gained design awards in their own right; Novartis's TOBI Podhaler, Sun Pharma's Starhaler and Chiesi's NEXThaler. Other devices are currently in clinical trials. The intellectual property and breakthrough designs created on behalf of our clients has given them a valuable position in the market with differentiated platforms for innovation.