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Dispensing solutions

Differentiating your product


The ability to design and deliver customised dispensing solutions is increasingly sought after as consumer brands look to differentiate their products through the delivery. Whether this is a body care spray or a beverage appliance solution, having control over the delivery is very important. Our skills in fluid handling and dispensing solutions have been used in the development of systems that:

  • provide multi-sensory innovative consumer experiences
  • create dispensing consumable/durable solutions that meet our clients’ commercial requirements
  • improve the consumer experience at home as well as out-of-home
  • increase production efficiency through improving delivery in the manufacturing environment
  • can heat, cool and mix, and dispense sprays, foams and powders to create novel new products


As with many of our projects, understanding the physical science of a problem is an important step to inform the innovation process. Using our expertise in fluidic systems, fluid dynamic modelling and experimental test work in our dedicated laboratories, we often start our dispensing solutions development by creating a test rig to allow us to understand the parameters that influence the performance. This knowledge flows into the design of a proof of-principle prototype.

Using the test rig to characterise and understand a product or process, we are able to identify how to optimise it to produce world-class novel dispensing solutions. Our expertise in consumable design, appliance architecture and manufacturing processes allows us to integrate process understanding and design into an engaging consumer experience.


We can develop dispensing solutions that are innovative and market leading. These solutions bring improved experiences for consumers and provide differentiated products to brands that can be rapidly brought to market. The technology generated can also be applied in many embodiments, from a single-use consumable domestic appliance, through vending machines in out-of-home settings.

From ideas generation to industrialisation, we tackle the toughest challenges to create innovative dispensing solutions that are a delight to the consumer and give brands a unique competitive position.