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Product development

in diabetes care


We deliver ground breaking solutions to the world’s leading diabetes care companies:

  • delivery of insulin and other biologics
  • glucose monitoring
  • digital healthcare


Our multidisciplinary product development teams bring innovative design and development capabilities to key areas of diabetes care, which deliver commercial advantage in a highly regulated environment.

Our clients approach us with a variety of design and development challenges associated with cost-effective and easy-to-use devices for the delivery of insulin and other biologics. These include:

  • injection devices
  • autoinjectors
  • patch pumps
  • infusion sets and other accessories

The need for effective monitoring in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes is paramount to the prevention of long-term complications. Building on our strong diagnostics expertise, we enable innovative solutions to blood glucose monitoring, and are approached by clients in areas such as:

  • single-use blood glucose monitors (BGMs)
  • continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems
  • control algorithms for closed-loop systems
    (artificial pancreas)

We deliver mobile-enabled solutions for diabetes management. Automatic capture and analysis of various data points can enable better diabetes management and effective control of HbA1C levels. Data capture can be made simple and seamless via wirelessly connected devices that transfer data to a smartphone. Apps may process this data to provide timely, actionable insight to the user and healthcare professional to simplify the lives of diabetics.


With a long track record of industrial experience and accumulated domain knowledge through projects, Cambridge Consultants is well qualified to deliver solutions in diabetes management to make living with the disease simpler. Project examples:

  • We have worked on AstraZeneca’s Bydureon® Pen for administration of type 2 diabetes treatment, which was successfully launched in 2014
  • We have worked with a leading CGM player on the development of an optimised Bluetooth Smart link that enables transmission of CGM data to a smartphone in a way that achieves maximum sensor battery life
  • For Roche Diabetes Care we created a portfolio of diverse concepts, including blood glucose monitoring, using radically different futuristic scenarios informed by global opinion leaders. The project resulted in strong propositions for immediate deeper investigation to help drive the future direction of the company
  • We designed the KiCoPen. This is a novel, battery-less connected injection pen which captures the dose delivered and sends dosage data to a smartphone. The action of removing the injector cap powers the device. An accompanying app can integrate data from other devices to provide a better disease management tool. It’s just one example of how our technology enables compliance for patients and offers differentiation to companies operating in the medical device industry