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Bluetooth low energy support


CSR plc, the market leader in Bluetooth technology, wanted to enable Apple’s accessory, product and application developers to develop Bluetooth Low Energy Apps and Devices to work with the new iPhone 4S, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and the new iPad (iPad 3). Apple was the first major player to include in its products support for Bluetooth 4.0 for which the major new feature is Bluetooth Low Energy (marketed to end users under the brand “Bluetooth Smart Ready”).

Because CSR wanted the user experience of using their tools to match that expected by Apple’s existing users, high quality was a key requirement of the work.


As software quality was essential, Cambridge Consultants started by defining the acceptance criteria for the software. In parallel, we started to de-risk the process of analysing the key changes required to port the USB-based programmer from the PC to the MAC.

The underlying driver for the programmer (to programme the BLE devices themselves from the MAC) had to be changed to work with the Apple hardware and OS models, and the User Interface had to be re-engineered to have an Apple look and feel. Each of these went through rapid prototyping to reduce the risk in implementation.

Once the major changes had been completed rigorous testing was performed and the results included in the release.


In extremely tight timescales we were able to port CSR’s programming toolset from a Windows environment to MAC OSX, in time for the launch of the iPhone 4S, and a set of Apple sponsored events.

CSR were able to promote their accessory capability to this important target market and gain a time to market advantage.