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Connected device development


Connected devices developments enable new customer services, consumer experiences, and an increase in business’ efficiency. Whether the connected device application is a wearable consumer device or home automation system through to oil-well monitoring and control, the value of always-on, real-time data communication is being seen across all industries.

For many applications, it is not clear how to achieve the desired connectivity with obstacles of cost, power consumption, size or just raw data throughput. Our connected device development clients are facing many of these challenges simultaneously in applications such as:

  • Adding a GPS receiver to a credit card
  • Providing real time feedback to an athlete on their performance & technique
  • Connecting implantable medical devices with smartphones
  • Providing low-latency connection to >1000 industrial devices in one factory
  • Communicating with the bottom of an oil well


Our connected device developments are not tied to any particular wireless standard, but we are familiar with them all. In cases when off-the-shelf solutions aren’t enough, we’re not afraid to bend the standards or create a new one.

All our projects start with an impartial view of the best approach to achieve a given requirement. Our focus is always to identify where the greatest challenge lies and to quickly de-risk those areas through paper study, modelling and lab experiments.

Having assessed the challenge, we build the best team to address our clients’ connected device needs. That may include a full turn-key development with everything from customer insight through to manufacturing and digital service roll-out; or it may involve specific skills such as user interfaces, RF, ASICs, signal processing or software.

Our technical team is supported throughout by strong design and project management process and our world-class facilities.


The breadth and depth of our wireless and digital capabilities mean we can get you to market fast with truly innovative connected devices and systems. Whether you're trying to keep pace or overtake your competition or creating something new to the world, we can help with your next connected device development.