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Easy to use Q2 internet radio


Cambridge Consultants has been at the forefront of internet radio development since it created Radiopro - the world’s first single-chip internet radio reference design - for CSR. This was the basis for the development of the original small, low-cost internet radios. But our engineers and designers didn’t stop there… they spotted that the tens of thousands of radio stations available make many internet radios hard to use. In response they came up with Q2 - a novel user interface for an internet radio. When leading consumer electronics firm Armour Group saw the concept, they decided to commercialise it, and developed it with Cambridge Consultants’ help.

The Q2's user-friendly and intuitive design makes internet radio fun, taking it from the desktop to the bedside table and turning it into a desirable electronic feature.


The human factors insight behind the Q2 was that most people listen to less than four radio stations with any regularity. The user selects one of four pre-selected stations by turning the Q2 onto one of its four ‘live’ faces. A fifth face is dedicated to the speaker - tilt it forward to turn the volume up, tilt it backwards to turn it down. The device recognises its orientation based on signals from 3D accelerometers inside and connects wirelessly to the internet to stream the radio channel of choice. The channels can be re-programmed at any time by connecting the Q2 to a PC and running the dedicated channel selection software.

The product development was carried out by Armour and Cambridge Consultants together, with our engineers undertaking the full electronic, wireless and embedded software design.


Cambridge Consultants' design and engineering expertise helped Armour Group take the Q2 from concept to market in just nine months building on our experience in connected and consumer product development.


Kevin Taylor, E-commerce and Marketing Director at Armour, said: “When we first came across Cambridge Consultants’ concept for a cube-radio, it was the revolutionary user interface that caught our attention. At last, here was a way to make internet radio fun, and to create a truly novel consumer product with mass appeal. Having agreed to commercialise the technology, it was Cambridge Consultants’ expertise in developing low-cost wireless platforms that helped us get the product to market so quickly.”