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Technical Specification


Laptop application

This Windows based application provides the capability of remotely monitoring and recording the intelligence collected by Prism 200 and then displaying it on a laptop computer’s screen.  It also provides extra features, such as recording and playback of surveillance data for training and post-mission analysis, and historical tracking, providing operators which the ability to monitor long-term movement patterns. This can be used by both operators and command staff to enhance the operational flexibility of the system.

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Other Accessories

  • A ruggedised laptop is also available as an accessory, with the laptop application pre-installed, providing a tough and durable counterpart to the Prism 200 radar for remote surveillance.
  • Tripod (attached to the quick-release shoe incorporated into the underside of the Prism 200, useful for long-term intelligence gathering)
  • Hard carry cases (small or large to allow inclusion of tripod and other accessories in one rugged package) and soft backpack systems
  • Desktop battery chargers, spare batteries and high-capacity body-worn battery packs for extended use

Operator training

Training courses are available for end users, covering all aspects of using the Prism 200 and accessories such as the laptop application.