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Our broad product development and domain experience allowed us to incorporate design features which are central to its operational performance and make Prism 200 the most advanced portable through-wall radar system in the world:

  • Prism 200 is easy to use, quick to respond, and fast to load
  • With the press of a button, operators can switch between front, plan or profile views for a complete picture and can also observe the scenario in a 3D view
  • Advanced signal processing highlights moving people and objects in complex environments
  • Its ergonomics allow the operative to use it one-handed or two-handed

Covert intelligence

Prism 200 has been designed for dangerous and life-threatening situations, where without invasive sensors it presents reliable information to the user. Using highly sophisticated software, the unit can analyse radar signals and instantly filter out objects that are not moving behind a wall or door. This means that Prism 200 can be used in a range of different environments – even offices with their angular surfaces and metal objects, which act as a ‘hall of mirrors’ to standard radar equipment. This level of analysis means that users do not waste their valuable time in translating spurious data; they can focus their attention on what is most important – the people inside.

Easy to use

Whether police, special forces or emergency services, the people using prism 200 need to be able to act quickly on the information presented. This means that the user interface is of critical importance and this is why it has been a focus of the product’s development. Based around just four navigation buttons, the interface is structured in such a way that the user can quickly switch between views (front, plan and profile), as well as view the scenario within a 3D environment, which can be rotated to look at a room from various entry points. The display can also be switched from day to night mode, which means that prism 200 has use in the widest possible range of real-life situations.

In recognition of its world-class achievement, Prism 200 was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category. More information about this can be found on this press release.