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Prism 200 is a product of the Defence & Security Campaign at Cambridge Consultants. With over 20 years of experience in short-range radar technology, Cambridge Consultants has an excellent pedigree in harnessing the power of radar and designing it around real applications. The company initially used its technology to measure the thickness of arctic ice flows in the 1980s, before designing a range of missile scoring systems, which the company still develops and supplies in France, Italy, Australia and the USA. Cambridge Consultants has also used its radar technology in various automotive applications and, more recently, to help unblock the problems caused by wind farms on both civil and military aviation radar.

Cambridge Consultants is a design and development company with offices in Cambridge, UK and Boston, USA. It uses a multi-disciplinary set of engineering and design skills to help organisations, both big and small, harness a broad range of technologies and develop innovative products.

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