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Surface Target Scoring

The Land and Sea Surface Target Scorer (LSTS) uses our holographic radar technology to provide real-time vector scoring of missiles, shells and smaller projectiles on highly manoeuvrable as well as static target vehicles.


The land and sea surface environment sets a real challenge for scoring systems due to the small projectile size relative to the high degree of background clutter.  Using the holographic approach, we can pick out the trajectory of smaller projectiles while rejecting clutter, without loss of sensitivity.  

LSTS delivers automatic, real-time vector scoring that enables complex trials scenarios on multiple high-speed, highly mobile targets with real-time feedback. 

holographic radar

Modern, high speed computing hardware gives the system a sub 1-second data capture and output capability that provides automatic, real-time reporting of trajectory, burst point and fall-of-shot for complex trials.

The LSTS system has been proven in sea trials with the US Navy and can be deployed on moving land and sea targets for unequalled scoring performance in difficult environments.

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