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Press Releases

5 September 2013VIDEOSatellite cameras saving endangered species

Remote monitoring system from Cambridge Consultants is helping conservationists at the Zoological Society of London combat poachers and track rare animals in the wild

27 August 2013Taking control of digital security

A new turnkey digital security platform called Trusted Source™ – from product development firm Cambridge Consultants – enables companies to independently secure their digital links

20 August 2013Remotely analysing oil and gas offshore

New particle analysis technology for the oil and gas industry has been developed by Cambridge Consultants to detect contamination in produced fluids in real time

22 July 2013Teaching old drugs new tricks

Product development and technology consulting firm Cambridge Consultants has collaborated with Clinigen Group to rejuvenate drugs nearing the end of their product lifecycle

1 July 2013Foam breakthrough to shake up aerosols

New low-cost, environmentally-friendly foaming technology has been devised by product development company Cambridge Consultants

24 June 2013Wireless team to expand by 20 per cent

A recruitment drive has been launched to expand the world-leading wireless division of Cambridge Consultants by more than a fifth

19 June 2013Wireless lifeline for people with diabetes

Product development firm Cambridge Consultants is working with Addenbrooke’s Hospital on groundbreaking research to create an artificial pancreas for people with type 1 diabetes

4 June 2013The original pioneering workplace

Product development firm Cambridge Consultants has been named one of the 20 best organisations for human resources – ever

3 June 2013New era in cancer diagnostics

Novel product development for improved cancer diagnosis and treatment monitoring

22 May 2013Novel saltwater treatment device

Product development firm Cambridge Consultants has developed an innovative aerosol nebuliser system to treat cystic fibrosis sufferers