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29 April 2015VIDEOUnlocking the unknown

Precise low-cost sensing from Cambridge Consultants opens the door to hassle-free car hire

21 April 2015Syngenta to evaluate Vortik

Global agribusiness Syngenta has signed a licensing agreement to explore the potential of Cambridge Consultants’ innovative Vortik spray technology

16 April 2015Growing success

Cambridge Consultants launches new recruitment drive as demand grows for innovative product development

5 March 2015Improving cold-chain logistics

A simple cost-effective way to constantly monitor the condition of drugs in transit is set to revolutionise cold-chain logistics for the healthcare industry

3 March 2015A ‘top 100’ company

Cambridge Consultants is the best mid-sized company to work for in the Cambridge technology cluster – according to its own staff

3 March 2015VIDEOFirst all-digital radio transmitter

Cambridge Consultants has successfully completed initial trials of the world’s first fully digital radio transmitter – a turning point in wireless design

17 February 2015Best foot forward

Cambridge Consultants is sponsoring the Cambridge Half Marathon – and fielding a team of 50 runners

11 February 2015VIDEOA new smart way to shop

Smart trolley innovation from Cambridge Consultants is set to banish queues and personalise shopping

3 February 2015A new wave of innovation

Emerging markets will be the catalyst that ignites a new wave of surgical innovation, according to a new report from Cambridge Consultants

20 January 2015New charity record

Staff at Cambridge Consultants have raised £28,000 for the Centre 33 Young Carers Project in Cambridge