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Patient using AudioPack smart medical packaging

5 January 2017VIDEOSmart medical packaging

An interactive packaging concept to improve compliance and the patient experience for those newly diagnosed with chronic conditions

15 December 2016Production on demand

New microcapsules process from Cambridge Consultants is the key to on-demand production

Skintuition multispectral imaging technology

8 December 2016VIDEOVisualising skin secrets

New technology from Cambridge Consultants unlocks the ability to analyse and understand the secrets of our skin

Axsis surgical robot

29 November 2016VIDEOMiniaturising robotics design

Axsis miniature robotics technology from Cambridge Consultants heralds the next wave of surgical innovation

Pizzicato graphic

17 November 2016Pizzicato comes of age

Cambridge Consultants brings the radio transceiver into the digital age – adding a digital receiver to its world-first, all-digital radio transmitter Pizzicato

Vinfusion wine-blending technology

2 November 2016VIDEOUnravelling the secrets of wine

New blending technology from Cambridge Consultants is demystifying the wine industry

Matthew Allen and David Robinson

22 September 2016World-beating design

Second Red Dot Design Award for Cambridge Consultants as it is named a top design studio

15 September 2016Opportunity or threat?

The ‘Internet of Things’ is disrupting the business landscape and FMCG companies can no longer afford to sit back and wait, according to a new report from Cambridge Consultants

Patient wearing Viewi device

8 September 2016Visionary technology

Innovative technology from Cambridge Consultants offers a simple, affordable, fast glaucoma screening test

Medtech map of the world

16 August 2016A turning point

Innovating for emerging markets is set to disrupt the global surgical care industry, according to a new report from Cambridge Consultants