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Event name: World Agri-Tech Investment Summit

Stand: 16

Date: 28th Mar, 2017 to 29th Mar, 2017

Venue: San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront

Location: San Francisco - USA

March 2017 will see the third World Agri-Tech Investment Summit in the US following four highly successful events in London. The summit brings together a unique combination of agenda-setting thought-leaders, drivers of innovation from within the major agribusinesses, technology developers from international hotspots including the US, Israel, Europe and Australia, and the VC investor community. The goal of the summit is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable, resource-efficient agricultural technologies through knowledge-sharing and the formation of new partnerships and alliances between key stakeholders.

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Event name: World Agri-Tech Investment Summit

29 March, 11:15am

Delivering the Future Farm

In the current commodity downturn, which technologies present an opportunity to growers? What challenges do they see coming down the pipeline and how will this put pressure to further optimise on farm operations?  To what extent could advances in AI and robotics bridge the gap in future labour shortages?  What are the right networks that will enable the IoT in agriculture? Where does the telecommunications industry see an opportunity in this space?  How does the industry get to a point where precision ag is transformed into decision ag?

Niall Mottram, Head of Product Development, Industrial & Energy

Niall leads Cambridge Consultants' activities in the Agri-Tech sector. A chemical engineer by training, Niall has led breakthrough innovation projects in the consumer, utilities and medical device sectors. He is particularly interested in the potential for technologies in adjacent sectors to make the leap into Agri-Tech, delivering the next round of yield increases while reducing environmental impact.

Event name: World Agri-Tech Investment Summit

Stand: 16

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