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Oil & Gas

Delivering innovative technologies and solutions to the oil and gas industry

We deliver innovative, practical and robust solutions to the oil and gas industry. We can help optimise production, reduce costs and risks, and minimise environmental impact to meet increasing regulatory control.

Our multidisciplinary teams of engineers and scientists deliver hardware and software solutions that we then test and qualify before transferring to manufacture for deployment in an operational environment.

Typical application areas in oil and gas include:

  • production optimisation
    • subsea sensors
    • downhole gauges and sensors
    • data analysis and interpretation
    • in-well wireless communications
  • onshore and subsea asset integrity monitoring (life extension)
    • monitoring of corrosion, strain and other parameters
    • leak detection
    • subsea wireless communications
    • asset location and tracking

Our main areas of expertise include:

  • sensors (optical, fibre optic and electronic) and instrumentation
  • conventional and unconventional communication technologies, including wireless communications (electromagnetic/RF and acoustics)
  • complex and multiphase fluids modelling and processing
  • data fusion, management and interpretation for improved sensor performance
  • extraction of actionable information from data
  • robotics and automation
  • innovation management

We work with companies ranging from innovative start-ups to major operators, as well as product and service providers. We have all the resources and skills under one roof to instantly bring a fresh perspective – and new skills and capabilities – to your research and development activity.

If you have a complex technical challenge – or a novel technology that you need to take rapidly from concept into operation – get in touch to explore how we can help.