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Industrial & Energy

We have a strong track record in developing complex, mixed technology systems for the industrial & energy sectors

Cambridge Consultants has a long track record of success in developing breakthrough industrial products and systems.

Our Industrial systems group has developed products covering a wide scope, ranging from precision temperature control systems through to innovative vending machines, and from high-volume, ultra low cost radio telescope components to complete production lines.

Despite the diverse nature of these products, our experience has taught us that there is considerable commonality in that many of our clients are looking for devices that are complex, incorporate a mix of technology, and are often produced in low volume with a high unit cost.

Our experience in Industrial systems falls into three broad categories:

  • Industrial commercial (systems used by the general public)
  • Scientific / academic equipment and systems
  • Manufacturing / construction / heavy industry

Our track record in this area comes from our expertise in complex systems engineering and our ability to deliver large multidisciplinary projects to challenging timescales. With a complete range of engineering disciplines under one roof, we have developed both management and technical tools to ensure we deliver high quality projects rapidly and with the optimal technical solution.

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