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    Digital health expertise including body worn sensors and wireless medical device

    Strategy and product development expertise in the application of digital technology for medical

    Body worn sensors

    Connected devices

Digital Health

Strategy and product development expertise in the application of digital technology for medical and consumer health applications, including body worn sensors and wireless medical devices

The convergence of digital technology with health, referred to as digital health (or connected health, mHealth, eHealth, etc.), focuses on improving outcomes by making actionable information available to relevant stakeholders, whether that is for efficient patient monitoring in hospitals, better chronic disease management, proactive preventive care or optimising performance of athletes.

Cambridge Consultants has significant experience in relevant markets such as regulated medical device development, innovative consumer products and wireless communications, bringing all the expertise under one roof to develop the perfect digital health solution for you.

Digital health track record

We have a proven track-record and can help you with:

  • Wireless medical devices
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart connectivity
  • iPhone and Android apps (consumer health and medical)
  • Telemetry solutions for wireless implants
  • Smart surgical tools
  • Post-operative monitoring technology
  • Connected medical devices for clinical trials or training
  • Solutions for medication management and medication adherence monitoring

Complete range of skills

With in-house skills such as front-end innovation processes, low power electronics design, user experience (human factors) design and regulated software development, we are uniquely placed to serve as your partner and can offer the complete range of consulting and product development services like:

  • Robust system architectures for hospitals and connected sports/fitness solutions
  • Wearable sensor design
  • Technology for independent living and smart home systems for the elderly
  • Algorithms for extracting actionable information from data, including data fusion and trending
  • Regulatory guidance and market strategy
  • Competitive analysis, innovative technology analysis and matching
  • Service and business model development