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DropTag® is a radical new approach to vehicle telematics. Rather than requiring a dedicated 'black box' to be installed in a car, DropTag can extract all the required vehicle usage data, simply by 'listening' to the windscreen vibrations

Benefits to the insurer

  • Zero installation cost
  • Ultra-low-cost disposable device
  • Small form factor – post to customer with renewal paperwork
  • Accident Fingerprint™ – a mass-market proactive crash-event notification solution
  • Full cloud service infrastructure including provisioning, automated analytics, data management, reports and alerts
  • Fraudulent claim detection using DropTag Journey Fingerprint™ technology
  • Integration with existing insurer-branded smartphone apps
  • Clearly visible advertising space on the vehicle

Benefits to the consumer

  • Lower premiums
  • Driving-style coaching
  • Park Guardian - car-park prangs are logged and the consumer is alerted when they return to their vehicle
  • Accident Assist
  • Windscreen chip/crack alert