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DropTag®EVENT is the generic device suitable for larger-volume user trials, and typically follows on from the smaller-scale LOGGER tests

This device is pre-configured to ‘listen’ for specific events, only waking up and logging critical events. It is powered by a simple coin-cell battery, and it can be configured to last for over 1 year without needing any maintenance or recharge.

The DropTag®EVENT device interacts, and is controlled by, our own custom app. Triggers and threshold parameters can all be accessed via the app (limited to users with the correct permissions). Crucial event data is displayed locally on the app, as well as being sent to backend secure servers for further analysis and proactive response.

The EVENT device is the platform upon which sector-optimised variants are developed. If there is a totally new customer need not covered by the other product variants, please do contact us to discuss how we might create a new variant from this base platform technology.