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All DropTag® products are based on the same fundamental system architecture, consisting of Bluetooth Smart communication, low-cost sensors, event algorithms and compact battery solutions.

  • DropTag®DRIVE

    DropTag®DRIVE is our vehicle telematics insurance offering. It comprises a modified EVENT puck, with client-specific branding, coupled with an extremely thin form-factor to enable the puck to be posted with the annual renewal documentation to customers. We will be announcing more aspects of this solution soon.

  • DropTag®LOGGER

    DropTag®LOGGER is, for most of our clients, the first step in the journey towards connected condition monitoring. We have a fleet of devices available for client trials, please contact us to arrange a trial suitable for your needs. Once we have analysed the data from the logger, we create client-specific algorithms related to the events they are most interested in, for example a specific crash or impact characteristic, or temperature profile.

  • DropTag®EVENT

    DropTag®EVENT is the generic device suitable for larger-volume user trials, and typically follows on from the smaller-scale LOGGER tests. This device is pre-configured to ‘listen’ for specific events, only waking up and logging critical events. It is powered by a simple coin-cell battery, and it can be configured to last for over 1 year without needing any maintenance or recharge.