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DropTag® sets a new standard for low-cost end-to-end cold-chain continuous monitoring

DropTag for Healthcare

With new EU Good Distribution Practice regulations coming into force – and shipping lane complexity increasing – end-to-end monitoring reduces product risk, especially where there are multiple carriers, transport modes and climates involved.


As a lane analysis tool, the DropTag Logger captures data essential for understanding whether shipping lanes can be directly matched to the stability profile of a product – not only measuring temperature and humidity but matching the vibrational characteristics of the journey against ASTM standards using dual complementary shock sensors, all in a single journey and with a low-cost device.


Used in day-to-day shipments, the DropTag system reduces product handling risk for brand owners, manufacturers, carriers, forwarders and even end users, spotting out-of-pattern events, alerting on specific conditions, and allowing continuous improvement of lane-management processes and supplier performance.

By using available infrastructure (eg smartphones) to provide greater data upload opportunities, DropTag enables earlier reporting on specific incidents. And as Bluetooth Smart has a range of approximately 15m indoors, it also means DropTag can be embedded within packaging and still remotely interrogated by a smart device. This means performance can be tracked further towards the point of care, reducing product loss and spoilage, and ultimately giving healthcare professionals the logistics quality they need to improve patient outcomes.