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Condition monitoring

DropTag® can monitor the condition of just about anything. Predictive maintenance is not a new concept but never before has there been such a cheap and immediately accessible family of solutions


Using the DropTag family of products, clients can learn normal system behaviour, and thereby configure alerts when their equipment begins to respond abnormally. Our approach is similar in many ways to acoustic monitoring (but at different frequencies), and we have already proved to multiple clients that we were able to detect specific abnormal frequency harmonics in their data which subsequently led to hardware failure.

By implementing a DropTag-enabled condition monitoring system, companies are able to alert local users to such imminent failures, preventing parts breakages and the inevitable loss of productivity/revenue usually associated with unplanned maintenance/repair.

Potential clients for such systems range from equipment manufacturers, through to maintenance and equipment hire organisations.

Because DropTag is so compact and low cost, the opportunities for monitoring systems and products are endless. Here are just a few we've thought of so far...


Fit DropTag to any rotating/moving machinery, eg elevators, sealed sterile production-line systems, robotic arms etc. Let our automated analytics inform you of when maintenance is needed, based on system usage and predictions of imminent failure.


The cost of delays on a rail network is huge. Why not retro-fit DropTag to older train doors to detect imminent failure?

Oil and Gas

Pipeline failures can be catastrophic. DropTag devices could detect abnormal valve behaviour in hydraulic knock.

Machinery Usage

Why not use DropTag to optimise how equipment is used within factories? We could help educate users, informing them when they incorrectly use the machines.


Rather than just monitoring the condition of a parcel from the outside, why not install DropTag within the product itself? Expensive new TV? Second-hand carbon-fibre bicycle? No problem. Have DropTag tell you exactly how your valuable asset has been treated, both in transit and in use...